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Deposit Funds By Payoneer

How to deposit by Payoneer?

1. Log in to your account here or signup here

2. From the menu, go to Pay ->> Make a Payment.

3. Type the email address: and click next.

4. Enter the amount you want to pay, (minimum $50)

5. Type in a short description of what you are paying for: “Pacospain Freelance Services”

6. Please fill in the form below.

NOTE: In order to transfer funds to another account holder, the minimum amount for transfers is $50. The option to send a payment has to be active on your account.

Deposit Funds By Wise

How to deposit by Wise?

Log in to your account here or sign up here

Send to:

Deposit Funds By BTC (BitCoin)

How to deposit by BTC?

Send to the BTC wallet address:


or scan the QR Code:


NOTE: Be sure to send ONLY BTC to this address before sending use the converter below to get the correct amount to send

Deposit Funds By Bank

How to deposit by Bank ?

Send to one of the below bank accounts or for other country banks, contact us, We have bank accounts in Canada, Australia, Hungaria, New Zealand etc.


Bangkok Bank Thailand Pacospain


USA BANK Pacospain


UK Bank Pacospain


EUROPE Bank Pacospain

Calculate the amount you have to send in BTC

Funds will be credited to your account balance in the next 12 business hours after the funds are received by us, there is no charge for this!

If any problems send us a message

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