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How to subscribe to a service?

If you want to subscribe to a service without all the hassle of coming back all the time to order it, there are several options to subscribe for a service.

Option 1: Pay it all in 1 time

Each service on check out page have 1 of the options available as stated below, Monthly or Quantity, even if a service does not have the monthly stated you can still order the service for monthly with option 1 or 2 here explained. If you want monthly just adjust the QUANTITY to the amount of month you want it for and mention it on the order page Note: The extra service you select should also be adjust if you want them monthly. Click you preferred payment option and pay for it.

Monthly-Subscription Service-Quantity

Option 2: Pay it monthly

Stripe is one of the safest and most widely accepted ways to handle subscriptions for your purchases automatically.

You should contact us, so we can make for you a payment link with subscription for the service you want to subscribe to. Only thing you have to provide us is the URL of the service you want to subscribe to and your username on pacospain and we set it up and send you the payment link - that looks like this

We can set the custom payment to anything you want (every month every 2 months, every 6 weeks etc.)

Option 3: Automatic

Automatic option we have available on our other website PACOSPAIN.NET to see more about it have a look at the subscription info page

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