For new buyers

This Concerns Every One That Just Signed Up

You just joined the site and are ready to work with us?

HOLD ON we like to work with you however, we do not know you and we do not like to have disputes on PayPal. You have to earn your trust with us, just like with everyone. First time buyers can only pay for the services by Bank or Bitcoin until you have had orders upto GBP 150 and we agree that we can trust you.

Why is this?

We have had many disputes from fake buyers and that gets us in trouble with PayPal, PayPal does not like disputes and we either and if you get to many disputes they will kick you out, we do not want to risk that.

Unfortunately for you as a new buyer there are no exceptions on this, unless you are an old client of us and can proof it.

Do not try to pay with PayPal if you are a new buyer, we will ban you, no excuses you did not see this web page, because we know you saw it 🙂

Any question message us! Message us here

New Buyer Payment Options

Bank Transfers


Bangkok Bank Thailand Pacospain


UK Bank Pacospain


EUROPE Bank Pacospain


USA BANK Pacospain

We have many bank accounts in different countries, just contact us and for other bank accounts, We have bank accounts in Canada, Australia, Hungaria, New Zealand etc.


Send to the BTC wallet address:


or scan the QR Code:


NOTE: Be sure to send ONLY BTC to this address before sending use the converter below to get the correct amount to send

Calculate the amount you have to send in BTC

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