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Social Media Crowdfunding Promotion
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Promoting your crowdfunding project, is a must, especially in the first 7 days of launching your crowdfunding campaign, whether it’s Indiegogo, Kickstarter, Gofundme or another platform.

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Crowdfunding is not an easy thing to do, most of the people think that people just going to send you their money. How many times you walked on the street, and just stepped over the ‘guy’ that was only asking some change?

Whatever campaign you are setting up, charity, personal or business campaign. It is a full time job. If you look to lightly at it, you did it all for nothing and therefor we have a nice FREE E-Book regarding crowdfunding, that you can download below.


In the meantime you downloading that FREE E-Book, we are promoting your campaign on 5 social media networks. Suchs as Twitter, Facebook, Diigo or LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google Plus. This can have a high impact on your campaign depending of course on many factors. Such as pitch, images, kind of project, etc.

We use social media because crowdfunding and social media goes really good together.

Your campaign will be shared on 5 social media websites:

– Facebook x 320
– Twitter x 320
– LinkedIn/Diigo x 100
– Pins x 100
– Google Plus x 100

So buy crowdfunding campaign social media package now, and expose your campaign on 5 social media websites, with millions of people!

Download FREE E-Book here.

Disclaimer: Pacospain does not guarantee you will be funded & does not make such claims, Pacospain can’t force people to like, fund or click on link of your campaign. You are NOT ordering donations!
We are not responsible for any other tracking link then we send you.

Other services like crowdfunding design, targeted traffic, press release distribution and explainer videos are available. We suggest to contact us for such services and we will get back to you asap, once we are online.


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