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Press Release writing service

Our Press Release writing service is one of the most effective ways to formulate an online marketing strategy for your business. Want to promote your business? Consider to do a press release, it is a key element.

Pacospain UK writer can write about almost everything. The writing should be, they way you want them to appear in the news. That is the most important thing.

Even if most of the journalists are very busy, but, if it does not sound credible it is possible they may do some research on it, to see where is all the fuss about. Most of what is in the release a journalist will use it for his write-up.
So, important details should be added in the press release, all details you want to include in the story if it is published.
A release should be 300-400 words, sometimes more. If you need more then 300 words just add the extras.

The purpose of Press Releases

News and press releases are different. A press release main purpose is promotion of something specific and significant. They have a strict format of writing for promotional and marketing purposes:

Tell the media about an upcoming event and hoping they will publish it or spread the information.
Promoting your business, via websites, blogs, social networks and media outlets.
Make the media aware of your business, and hoping they will write a story about it.

The difference between a news press release is that they should be published immediately.

For example if there is a disaster somewhere in the world, etc.

Example: here

So, getting our press release writing service is not such a bad deal, and then to consider you can combine it with our service to distribute it to online premium media outlets. We as well have a service to publish it to article submission directories.

Just keep in mind, a press release is not a guaranteed marketing tool, however keep on trying! Sustained effort will get you published. So that means potential customers, awareness, traffic and a lot more. So, are you ready to get a press release and let everyone know about you and your business?

You simple tell us where it should be about and any detail you wish to share with us, we will make sure it will be perfect.

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    press release was written as a pro.

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  • great press release

    I had pacospain write several press releases, did an outstanding job on this, planning on ordering his distribution service A+

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