Permanent PBN Links – 5x DA20+ TF20+

DA 20 & TF 20 PBN's

Purchase this product now and earn 45 - 1300 Points!

Permanent PBN Links, We provide high-quality PBN links on a network of high authority websites, this is a PREMIUM, and restricted access service. Websites with DA20 and TF20 with high citation flow, trust-flow, page authority and of course Domain authority, these domains are completely free of spam.

We have a certain pre-purchase point checklist of 12 points and it is used on every domain we purchase, to make sure there are no traces of any spam on our private blog network.

While providing from high authority websites, high quality contextual backlinks, with UNIQUE spun readable content, done manually. Your website, your content, and with your keywords, is likely to rank high on search engines like Google. So, this results in more traffic, more leads and revenue. And that is what we all want and need. Because in the end of the day, we all want to succeed in our business, and have more customers, to make a descent income. Most of the people buy a domain, spend a lot of time to make it, but they forget to do their SEO. So, that means the website will not be found by anybody, meaning no traffic, no revenue or leads. Because a website without SEO will not succeed. Because nobody will be able to find you.

high authority pbn backlinks 


5pbn metrics

FEATURES Permanent PBN Links:

Trust Flow (TF) = 20+
Domain Authority (DA) = 20+
Referring Domains (RD) = 20+
Various TLD on .net, .com, .info, .org
No Spam Backlink Profiles
Dripfeed Link Building
Manually Spun Readable Content. 100% UNIQUE!



Are the PBN sites indexed in Google?
Yes, they are all indexed in Google.

Do you accept foreign language websites/keywords?
Yes, we accept foreign language keywords and URL’s – although your content will be in English.

How many keywords and URLs are accepted?
We allow unlimited URLs and keywords. So, for better ranking you should know the ratio. Use unlimited keywords and URLs, If you do it for diversity, but if you want to rank we recommend 1-2 URLs 5-8 keywords.

How long will the post stay in the homepage?
Your post will remain for 5-7 days on the site’s homepage and then will roll off to inner page PERMANENTLY. So, that will be your Permanent PBN Links.

What is the content that we use?
For each post we use different high quality, niche related, 500+ words, readable,  manually spun content.

Can I see an examples?
Yes, message us to get sample links or check this PBN example.

Do we get a detailed report?
Yes, a complete and detailed excel report of live links will be provided.

How long to process the order?
Your report will be delivered in 5-6 days, however we need a minimum of 5-10 days to drip feed.

Do you have other PBN services?
Yes, we have other PBN services, take a look here and here. But if you look for anything else contact us.

Can I order this for my adult website?
No, you can not, because for that we have other PBN services, take a look here and here.


  • very helpful

    Thank you for all the help

  • Awesome pbn's

    Good DA and TF all different domains, saw my ranking moving up in a few days time.

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