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What is crowdfunding, exactly? This FREE E-Book will help you in making your campaign a success, it will walk you through everything you need to know about raising money online. Learn how it works, and find out that even if it is not an easy task, it is possible.

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Crowdfunding is difficult

Like said before, Crowdfunding is not an easy task, because most of the people just don’t give their hard earned money away to a stranger. Example: How many times you saw someone sitting on the street asking you for some change? Did you give him anything? If you did, you are a good Samaritan, if you did not, you probably a good Samaritan anyway, but why did you not give some change? Will you be poor if you did? Needed it yourself?

Whatever the reason was, you maybe did not even see the person or you had a bad mood that day. Each campaign has the same problem, can be a personal, business or charity that try to raise funds for a good cause, they all struggle to get donations. We do not want you make your campaign for nothing, therefor we give this FREE E-Book.

So you want to raise funds for a project? The main thing is do not set your goal to high. Most of the crowdfunding platforms you can raise more then you asking for. And big numbers will scare potential donators away.

Choose a platform for raising money online. Such as Gofundme, Kickstarter, Indiegogo or any other, it all depends on what kind of project you want to raise funds for. But now it is time to read, download the FREE crowdfunding E-Book.

download free ebook

download free e-book

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