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3D Music Video

3D Animated Music Video - Animation
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3D Animated Music Video

3D Animated music video are one of the best videos out there that will engage people, it is an engaging and unique way to promote your brand. It does not matter the genre of music you create, with animation you can illustrate your lyrics and music better than live-action videos can. Even if you not sure what you want, we can help you come up with something unique, that will help your song stand out, each song should tell the story of the song. 3D Animated music videos can help spread your song across the world. While others charge you for each minute of video a fortune, we do not UNLIMITED video time, this means the video ends on the last word of the lyrics. (With a maximum of 5 min). The reason? Because … read it below these videos.

Rap Song
Band Song

So, why we do not charge each minute of 3D animation?

There are several reasons why we do not charge for each minute of 3D animation. First of all, because EVERYONE should be able to afford a music video for his/her song. Everyone should have a chance in life to be able to succeed with their dreams, especially when it comes to music. Music is more than music, many create music to express them self or to tell a story. Look at Eminem, he express himself against everything he disagrees on. And second, because nowadays music is longer then 3 minutes. So, if you have a song of 4-5 minutes you charged almost the double for probably even repeating animated music video scenes.

A 3D animated video will tell the story of your song, even people that have difficult to hear or with the language of your song will able to understand where the song is about. Buy 3D animated music video Today!

So, did you had a look at our examples above? or have a look at the below animation videos. To see our 3D animated videos.

Example 1
Example 2

What is included and what not in my 3D animated music video?

We use our characters library or you can add the extra to customize your character.
Unlimited animation video time (With a maximum of 5 min).
1 Character (see extras for more)
1 Location
FULL HD (1080p)
MP4 format (but, other formats available)
3 Revisions
Extra fast delivery available for your video (see extras)
We add extra people on the scenes for free

No lip sync in the videos
No month waiting time to get your animated music video.

We recommend to contact us first and send your music file. You can do so here. Our team will get back to you in several hours with a response.
And for visual live action videos have a look here.


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    My music has a video, is that cool or not? Well i think so could never do it without paco's team, great service, friendly, fast and quality.

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    I am a long time client of Paco and he always try to give you the best of everything, this man has love for his work and patience for you. 10 star service!

  • Best Service Ever!

    Really the best video service ever for a great price, i searched on many places and the cheapest one was PACOSPAIN!!!! others are charging thousands of dollars, when i almost gave up, a friend of me recommended Paco. Thanks for the awesome video! So cool!

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